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Raffles Campus

Raffles Campus recognizes that customer focus, a drive for continual improvement and a passion for excellence in all aspects of business are vital ingredients for continued success. It also recognizes that the provision of complete customer (student, parents, partners, suppliers etc) satisfaction is critical for the achievement of all intended goals.

The philosophy of 'Customer Focus' therefore forms the basis for Raffles Campus' Quality Policy.

In the pursuit of business excellence in all aspects, we commit to:

  • Customer satisfaction at all times by providing educational programmes of premier quality and standard.
  • Honour all the terms and conditions printed in the Student and Parent Handbook and marketing collaterals, with regards to course delivery, pricing, and services.
  • We further pledge to be prompt and accurate in our handling of students' and parents' queries, requests and feedback.
  • Continual improvement in all aspects of operations and business through employee well-being, involvement, participation, teamwork and career growth.

Stakeholders' confidence through conformance to the statutory rules and regulations, based on the international quality standards

Our Core Values 


Intergrity - Fair and honest in our claims and representation about our education process and what our students can achieve and benifit from.
Care - Showing concern for our students as people and identifying with their desire for personal development and growth.
Communication - Interacting with all stakeholders, students, parents, staff, governors and others with intent to both give and receive useful information.
Commitment - The desire to exceed stakeholders' satisfaction and to ensure that learning and development of all the students are effective.

Our Vision and Mission 


To be a provider of choice for high quality and holistic education to the international community.


Being committed to excellence in education, we strive to provide each student with opportunities to continually develop as lifelong learners in a holistic, challenging and supportive learning environment that will ultimately prepare them to play an active and responsible role as global citizens in a multicultural world.

Contact Us 

Raffles Campus Pte Ltd
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